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Online-Exam-HelpThe problem is that the $1. 2 million in net economic and real property assets he has collected isn’t giving him the go back he would love to enable him to retire in two years when he turns 65. He is frustrated with low returns from his portfolio of high fee mutual funds and unsuccessful bets on small cap price range and resource performs. My returns from my portfolio are disappointing. My dividends from the massive caps are eaten up management fees in the mutual price range. ?I actually have lost money in my small cap resource stocks,?he says. “With some analysts predicting that oil charges might drop as low as $70 to $90 a barrel ?down from the existing cost of almost $110 per barrel of Brent crude oil ?a ?scramble?among OPEC participants for industry share may happen, said Edward Morse, an energy analyst with Citigroup and co author of a contemporary record on titled ?Energy 2020: Independence Day. ?An International Monetary Fund analysis signifies that many principal oil producing states need greater than that lowest cost stage to satisfy their budgets and may be compelled to increase output or in the reduction of spending, which might trigger unrest. Among them, based on the report: Iran, Lia and Russia, at $117 a barrel; Iraq, $112; Yemen, $237; and the UAE, $84. Iraq, which has had construction from its rich oil fields curtailed war or sanctions for half of the 53 years of OPEC?s existence, poses another problem to the association. Now that it?s ultimately freed from such interference, its construction is increasing between 500,000 and 900,000 barrels a year, making it the 2nd fastest becoming oil producing nation within the world after the U. S.